Our selection of cameras use only the latest Sony CCD technology. Depending upon your CCTV requirements you can choose from either colour or B/W, with or without infra reds, dome or body style cameras and internal or external cameras, and thats to mention just a few different options. Designed to be set-up by non-specialist users, most of the cameras are very easy to install and require no maintenance once correctly fitted.

Our CCTV Cameras 

CCTV Recorders

Our range of digital video recorders (DVRs) all come with the latest H.264 compression technolgy, allowing D1, 1080P, realtime recording on all cameras. They are available in 4, 8, 16 or 32 channel units and are capable of having from 500GB to 8TB internal hard drive capacity, which means no more problems going back looking for information from a few weeks prior.

Our Video Recorders