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HD-SDI 1080P
up the Coax Cameras


Our range of HD-SDI, 1080P cameras use only the latest Sony CCD technology and are transmitted down solid copper cored RG59 coax, this is the same as standard analogue CCTV cable. This means that installers can make use of the existing RG59 coaxial cable infra structure in most cases thus making the installation a whole lot easier.


Depending upon your CCTV requirements you can choose from either colour or B/W, with or without infra reds, dome or body style cameras and internal or external cameras, and that’s just to mention a few different options. Designed to be set-up by non-specialist users, most of the cameras are very easy to install and require no maintenance once correctly fitted.


Our fixed dome cameras all have 3-axis technology built in to the cameras which enables the cameras to be both ceiling or wall mounted, they can also come with or without infra red illuminators and can be used internally or externally. The cameras usually have a plastic base for internal models or a metal base for external models and both have a plexi-glass dome cover which is great for deterrence since it is impossible to detect the direction the camera is pointing.


Bullet style cameras have all the same attributes as the fixed dome cameras but are more in the shape of a drinks can rather than a dome, but again these have there uses in certain applications.


Body style cameras are the old style traditional cameras that are seen in many offices and shops, they are also commonly used in the external housings you see around buildings. Body cameras require separately purchased lenses which come in a variety of different sizes and types to fit the application.


PTZ Cameras, which are now more commonly in the shape of a dome camera, allow users to remotely move the camera to point at different objects by Panning (left/right movement) or Tilting (up and down movement) the camera. A PTZ camera will also allow you to adjust the focus and zoom for a close-up shot giving a fantastic degree of accuracy and clarity on objects/ people a long way away.

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