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We're Disability Confident!

We are pleased to announce we have received our Disability Confident Committed certificate.

Join over 16,000 businesses who are #DisabilityConfident, recruiting from a diverse pool of talent and offering opportunities for disabled people to fulfil their potential.

The scheme helps employers recruit and retain great people, and:

- draw from the widest possible pool of talent

- secure high quality staff who are skilled, loyal and hard working

- improve employee morale and commitment by demonstrating that you treat all employees fairly

The Disability Confident scheme also supports employers to make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to your workplace.

Through Disability Confident, thousands of employers are:

- challenging attitudes towards disability

- increasing understanding of disability

- removing barriers to disabled people and those with long-term health conditions

- ensuring that disabled people have the opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations

It also helps customers and other businesses identify those employers who are committed to equality in the workplace.

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